DeepClean is a must have Visual Studio extension for macOS

Evgeny Zborovsky · December 28, 2017

Yesterday I shared with you a command to recursively delete /bin, /obj and /packages directories. While this command is helpful, it might be a pain to use. Since you have to keep a terminal window opened and in general switch context from your IDE to terminal and etc.

A simple solution would be to execute this command without leaving the IDE at all, however in this case I had to extend the IDE itself. Thats how DeepClean extension was born. I am planning to write a proper post about how to extend visual studio for mac a bit later. So stay tuned.

Currently the extension does 2 simple things:

  • Deleting /bin & /obj dirs
  • Deleting /packages dir - after this you will have to restore the nuget packages, otherwise the solution wont build

You are welcome to download, test and contribute on github. Please keep in mind that this extension is making it’s first steps, please make sure you have a back up of your code before using it!

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