My professional career started in early 2010, since then I have been involved in multiple enterprise solutions on a different levels: web, mobile, backend, background services and DB. I have been architecting and developing performance critical services and big data sync / migration tools. Developing e-commerce solutions, native mobile and cross-platform self service applications for well known mobile operators. Using SSIS to move enormous amount of data from MySQL to MSSQL within a very tight timeframe while converting and formatting the data. Building scalable backend solutions on Azure and using Intune to distribute enterprise mobile solutions.

I am former Microsoft MVP for being passionate about Xamarin and to be more specific Xamarin.Forms. I have been contributing by reporting bugs, developing Visual Studio extensions, sharing my experience with the community and collaborating in open source projects.

My current passion is Engineering Management - being efficiency, growth, success and people oriented is my nature.

I always welcome new ideas and eager to learn.

Do not hesitate to contact me: Twitter, LinkedIn & GitHub.