Though about optimisation of work with XAML in Xamarin.Forms

What is great about Xamarin.Forms? XAML of course! Especially if you are familiar with it from WPF / Silverlight times. However, the experience with XAML in Xamarin.Forms is totally different. Unfortunately, you will not have such a great intellisense, by default you will have to discover typos in XAML at runtime, no visual editor (yet) and without preview. I have been using VS 2017 on Windows and VS For Mac on macOS, in both cases problems listed above exists.

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Communicating with backend in JSON can be challenging.
In case of C# model which by convention should be in CamelCase notation and backend which is using snake_notation we can easily solve the problem with Json.NET.

For example, we have the next model:

public class Model  
  public string FooBar { get; set; }  

and we want it to be serialised to: { “foo_bar”: “” }
We could use an attribute:

\[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "foo\_bar")\]  
public string FooBar { get; set; }
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How to debug an iOS app build in Xamarin on a real device for free?

“With Apple’s release of Xcode 7 came an important change for all iOS and Mac developers–free provisioning.”

So all you need is an apple id and to configure your IDE.
There are a lot of guides available out there, so this post is not going to be another one:
Xamarin Developer Guide

One thing that can be confusing is that first, you need to create a Xcode project with the same “Bundle Identifier” and then download the free provisioning profile. Just pay attention to the uniqueness of your bundle identifier otherwise, it won’t work.

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