Notification about an empty ListView in Xamarin.Forms


ListView is one of my favourite UI controls available in Xamarin.Forms. It is mostly easy to use and customise. Just bind a collection of data, define the representation of each item and you are done!

However, there is one pitfall which most of the developers tend to ignore – if the bound collection is empty, the ListView will have nothing to show. Depending on the targeting platform it may look ugly or confusing for the end user.

In this blogpost we will check few possible solutions. One solution will be purely implemented on the ViewModel level and the other one will be a reusable ListView control wrapper.

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User input validation in Xamarin.Forms

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One of the very common tasks that any mobile developer meets is validation of the user input. It can be an email, password complexity, length, not empty or any other sort of input validation. In this article we will try to find an appropriate light-weight and reusable solution, so let’s start!

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